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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sleazy attack on Capital FM breakfast show

A bunch guys on an idle banter on a blog think they have a say on the quality of Kenyan breakfast shows, some of which they do not even listen to? See: this and this one also and tell them what you all think. I have told them what I think of them and my 2 cents worth.......!

Like I told them,
I feel sorry for Seanice and her capital in the morning crew. A handful of guys doing a good job earning their bread within all legal means yet they still have to deal with the unpleasantries of people who don’t like their show and yet they don’t even listen? It seems so simple: if you don’t like it don’t listen, be smart. Capital FM has been around long enough for some of us to say it’s not a passing fad. Seanice and Leo shouldn’t bother trying to explain themselves to people who just don’t get it (nor listen!). Maybe Capital FM isn’t for everybody, but it’s for me.


Pekiro said...

They r idiots who ve nothing to do, as u said they r idlers, bustards who r there to just post nothing but sh*ts. I can say they r fools, they talk of the others to get the attention. Who the hell do they think they r? Imbeciles!

Acolyte said...

Aw Hell Naw!You can't lay into my gal for talking the truth.Fact is that Capital is not longer the leader in breakfast radio. This is because they took something that was working and decided to mess it up!You can get as pissed off as you want but numbers dont lie!
First of all Shiro is in Kenya and she does listen to these breakfast shows, secondly the rest of the people do have this wonderful thing called streaming media where they can listen to the shows.
Fact is that Shiro and the rest of the people commenting on the blog have nothing against the presenters just the upper management who have screwed these shows up beyond recognition.If the Capital staff are as defensive as you, no wonder you've lost all your listeners to KISS FM and other stations.
It's about time people realise that presenting a breakfast show is not a favour you are doing to the people, it is the people who are doing them a favour by listening to the station.You can tell them to turn off the radio if they dont want to listen but you know what?They'll tune into another station and all the advertisers will move to that station.
Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, get used to it!

Nakeel said...

Hey guys you gat to swallow what u vomited at Shiros.. The fact that many of us including me we dont like Capital Breakfast you people be it you are the producer you gat to swallow that you have failed and the whole thing sucks.
Adore nonsense but I point out the peck and pick it up.
And next time you gat to mind your language for we aint learning how to blog like you we have been in the game people are not lacking ideas to post.
We have the right to air our views we did that and you cant regulate us.

spicebear said...

girl writes post about the appaling state of moning radio. people comment and agree or disagree. YOU get your panties all in a twist and go to call blog author a rich housewife who still finds it in her heart to go to the office if only to check email and surf blogs.

yeah, i'm sure that your 2 cents were noted. we all love capital breakfast now.

that aside, if you really did want to point out the finer points of capital breakfast you failed. you just succeeded in putting more people off it.

Couch 'tato said...

1.I do not want to sound like we are ganging up on you...coz trust me you mess with Shiroh you mess with all of just happens we all share her argument

2.It would be civil/courteous of u to respect what she had in mind as you would like us to be respectful of ur words as well-so enough with the name callin be civilised same goes for you pekiro

Personally I'm in Nairobi and have been listenin to FM since they started in 96 and they leave a lot to be desired. at a time munene/teddy and ngatia were the best of the best...but right about now its yawnsville on radioville!

as u said maybe its not for US but just for u..but just bare in mind majority out there think most shows are crap-nothing against Capital but against all of them

SO...let Shiroh be...and as for you keep listening to capital...but avoid this child-like tantrums

She wasn't being sleazy not even in the least bit! You dont even know go back and check ur definition of a bored rich housewife
coz that aint her.

SIJUI ! said...

we've been called names and all for when you target shiroh you target all of us and what are we fighting about Capital? my foot!as have been said if you suck!its just that, and you the fans are not helping. the station is not the only one and still its have never and will never be the gauge to judge other stations. Let them know where they are going wrong and hopefully they will reclaim whatever spot you think they had or deserve.
Attacking an individual simply because they dont identify with your school of thought is just childish and goes a long way in showing the world what kind of a person you are. just try and be civil hopefully we could engage in a healthy discussion and avoid the evolving tantrums.
You,ve really gone out of your way to stiffle healthy debate, dont take it personal but you suck for one trying to make us believe that you are mature enough to even undestand what Shiroh wanted to bring across.

Shiroh said...

Leo faya read my blog. (whats your problem?) Actually he did

I have never had to do this but I will.

I am not a fan of Seanice and I will not pretend to be because of some mofos!!!!!!

Someone commented that Seanice was high on Waragi and I thought it was funny. That person my friends wasn’t me. The reason I found it funny is because from the play “Burdens”, the main character Wamala was always high on waragi.

I wanted to clarify that the three musketeers can only be GOOD together. And when they were together they really rocked. Iko swali?

I am a fan of the MK’s (Mwalimu Kingangi and Maina Kageni) and I am really glad they are back. I probably wouldn’t if I was from Karen.

I am a WEALTHY bored House wife and proudly arrogant ( insert evil laugh from MJ’S THRILLER). And for that reason I cannot afford an internet connection from my house!!!!

Some of the persons who commented on my blog just didn’t like Seanice and who am I to stop them!!!I thought it was only fair to apologize since they appeared on my blog.

Finally the Mofos should pay me for free publicity.

That said it might be good to understand YOUR BLOGGER before you go ahead and publish a whole post with obscenities. In short I feel nothing.

Now i think you are high on waragi yourselves.

POTASH said...

Okay just following this conversation, it is all over. I am not in any bloggers' cotterie so I can afford to be objective.

You don't need to caller a blogger names just because you do not agree with what they say.

I find it strange that you actually posted a longer comment on her blog than your actual post. Wouldn't it have been better to do the rant here.

What is the point of insulting wsomeone on their blog, while you have a blog of your own?

I think the whole spirit and spontaneity of blogs is abused in the Kenyan blogosphere and because of the inanity of comments and frivolity of the dialogue, I always distant myself.

Everyone has their opinion, I do not suppose it is important that we agree on anything, but everyone needs to have their say.

So what has the name calling changed? Okay so you got in a bunch of comments on your blog, but has radio changed? Have you told us something we do not know?

Half 'n' half said...

Seriously? Just like you have written about liking capital (without anyone calling you names), why shouldnt you allow others to air their opinions?

PS: Rich housewives do not need a bad a ride to the office to read their mail. One because they are housewives (meaning they dont have a job) and second THEY ARE RICH!!!!!!!!!!

Yenyewe kijana achana na watu to air their opinions.

StackOfStiffys said...

To all Capital FM bloggers and fans

Be sure to be at Mwendas on Friday for the mass suicide at 6 PM tomorrow. I know we'd discussed 5 PM but after re-reading all the comments, I don't think we should wait. Now that I know what truly horrible people we are and the show sucks and all, I can't go on. Moreover, my extreme fear of meeting one of these guys on another blog is causing me night sweats and I simply can't have that.

To all you veteran bloggers:

I hope you guys are doing well. As for myself, I'm a little under the weather. At first, I thought it was nasal Syphilis, but turns out it was just the effects of cringing at the torrent of warnings, abuse and concern that has streamed my way in the past 48 hours.

I think it might be time.

For as much as my general entertainment has been defined by radio FM stations that compromised my perspective on things, it may just be the right time to come out clean, eat humble pie and make things right.

@Acolyte: I somewhat agree that Shiroh and the rest of the commentators said the truth. I only took issue with the wordings. I agree that numbers don’t lie. I am a firm believer in the numbers. How many people are running their mouths claiming that President Kibaki is a jackass? But the numbers show otherwise. Same thing with TV, I hear the numbers say NTV is watched by more viewers, than even KTN and KBC! I agree that the truth is a bitter pill to swallow so lemme swallow it (gulp).

@Nakeel: I guess I’d swallow what I vomited at Shiroh’s if I could, but I’d probably leave the rest of the comments hanging. I must say that I did my best to mind my language but it seems my standards are rather inane, and I apologise if I was abusive, I was just trying to put a point across. Seems I succeed in doing so bluntly. Not only do you have the right to air your views, no, you also deserve to be heard and I heard you guys and proceeded to respond.

@Spicebear: The state of morning radio is appalling, I agree. For me I listen to Capital and that seems to be a weakness of sorts. I didn’t know. I also like the MK combi (if I can borrow your terms for Maiana Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi), I like Mwalimu thoroughly and I don’t like Maina that much, not in a bad way but for two reasons: his constants shout outs to Man U and then from his days in Kiss when he would run his mouth so much as callers tried to win some cash. I must say I thought the housewife comment was plain satire. But I have been told before that sometimes, my own satirical prowess is sheer genius and will kill me one day. I guess that day is drawing near, and I hasten to apologise if I rubbed you guys the wrong way. However, I do not think my 2 cents would draw anyone to or away from Capital, let alone put anyone off. That station is just in a different sphere that no one needs to be drawn into it.

@couch ‘tato: Now that’s a gentleman speaking! First, hats off to your name mon (man with a spice of Jamaican accent, Metro FM style). I would have gone with mouse ‘tato (ok, potato) which is what some guys say is today’s generation answer to the mundane couch potato of yesteryear! It pays to be civil and I admit I was both harsh and na├»ve in my vomit @Shiroh’s. Can I confess? I seem to have missed an era in radio entertainment! I never tuned in to Munene, Ted and Ngatia can you believe that? I was busy listening to Fareed and his crazy ways. With my confession done, it seems I do not really have a voice in this healthy/unhealthy debate coz what am I comparing the capital show to? But I have my own standards on things that I like, and would have probably loved the three musketeers at Nation. I always wondered why DJ CK went after them and some guys were saying he’d staged a serious coup in radioville (my apologies, your word not mine) but they didn’t sound as good as they were at Nation. Am also around in Nairobi and have listened to them since ’96 and they all have evolved in different ways. Can you believe that Metro FM is now purely reggae and you cannot catch the glib of the conversation in any of their shows? Seems the housewife comment was in bad taste again and I hasten to apologise to Shiroh and anyone else who was irked by the comment.

@sijui !: I feel you on the comments about us fans and how our beloved Capital FM sucks, and hopefully the owners (read DJ CK) will do something about in the unlikely event that they ascribe to your academy of thoughts. I did not attack Shiroh per se, and in future I shall be civil in every way I can and avoid what you think are tantrums. If I suck, I suck and I guess there is nothing I can say to that han! Somebody said calling me an ass is an insult to the ass; luckily I and my pot belly have never professed to be handsome! I am clear on what Shiroh wanted to bring across, and I only contributed and if you think I was stifling a healthy debate, so be it, but I apologise for the abusive language.

@Shiroh: I have no problem with Leo Faya reading and commenting on your blog. I am sorry I have pushed you to do things you’ve never done. You are not the first rich housewife (OK, lady!) av made do things they hadn’t done before, and it unlikely you are the last. In the same spirit, I am not the first guy you’ve made realize he was wrong and he apologised. I remember ‘Burdens’ clearly, and Wamala’s partaking in waragi. If you think we are mofos, then so be it, av even been called worse things and yet here I am! Sina swali on the musketeers since I never tuned into their show, but I bet they were good and I missed out. A number of guys have always told me they were very sawa, and I must say I missed and era then. There is no connection between being rich and not having an Internet connection? You rich hubby could be mean for one, or he has his priorities lopsided. I wish I could pay you for the publicity, but I can’t. This publicity has me a wanted man, and caused me night sweats, but thanks anyhow! I am trying to understand my blogger by posting, just like I have understood everything else. I got an education by going to school, understood the effects of alcohol by drinking etc, but that said, let me try and be an astute pupil and learn my blogger and hopefully its kwality shall improve. I must admit my blog is probably the worst (read ugliest) around. I have never taken waragi but would love to, but I musta been high on something anyways.

PS: I am so sorry I barged into your blog and ranted and vomited like that. But my comments were not directed at you, it was to everyone who was in on the debate and against Capital. Where I come from, I was told to always own up to my mistakes whatever the cost. Therefore, I would like to apologise to you and your posse, readers and anyone else for the abusive words I used on your blog.

@Potash: Your objectivity noted and thanks. I have not told anyone anything new, only made people mad at me and Capital and nothing has changed. But at least I put my point across, and the name calling has not changed anything, only it helped me put my point across bluntly, for which I have issued an apology.

@half n’ half: Everyone is free to air their opinions, and I am under the impression that is what we are all doing? I have not stopped anyone, only the general feel is that I was abusive, and I admit I was and once again issue an apology to everyone. I see you also see no connection between a rich housewife and hitching a ride to the office from a totally different angle (LOL!) and to this I have no response, rich housewives cannot have jobs eh? If I were to clarify that in that paragraph I somewhat implied that she was no housewife but a blithering idiot, you’ll say am being abusive all over again and the torrent of abuse will start al over again.

@Everyone: You must forgive my insolence and insult, my impatience and passions forces on me do the strangest things, and I do not know how long I can remain indisposed in this position, and no matter what I do I cannot kill the noxious fire inside. Radioville (forgive me, O dear couch ‘tato, for borrowing your word again) has become a strangely promising horizon, my entertainment is there. I think that I might be frightened; and that fright only has meaning due to its prominence in a life so defined by fear. In every step that has been made in my grand march in search of pure entertainment, none has been equal; Fear has dwelled only in the realms of potential loss, never in the promise of unattained gains.

I know my entertainment is there, with the Capital FM family, know that it is just and correct. I suppose there is no common manner to express everything through these pale computer screen words, light tube impressed on curved glass, but there is an ever-present reality.

Consumed in glory with every ounce of sickness I possess.


kritik said...

ok...wachaneni na shiro..
i coined that infamous comment about seanice, (seanice..aah the wild bird high on waragi!!!)not out of malice but rather to point out her country...
i had the opportunity to listen to her a while back on some ugandan radio and quite frankly she was remarkable....!!
i guess alipofika capital, somehow the kenyan radio idiocy weaved itself into her capabilities.
blame it on the weather or djck...
who cares...!
she can do much better and has not reached her full potential..
lets hope she does rediscovers her midas touch..
so StackOfStiffys (whats that?)
ujue kuwa we should and cannot accept crap and bull in the name of a shady show...
live with it...
its the kenyan way.

Pekiro said...

Ooooh everyone here, lets b gud bloggers.. i think blogging is a new thing in we don ve to start with all those dirty craps! Lets not not make it look like whats is happening in da entertainment industry (kapuka dis!)hope u all know.

Lets b brothers n sisters, this is another generational entertainment industry where we can chat abt our day to day lives and activities.

Here we ve gud pple who can write abt politics, business, entertainment, love and all those stuff. We gotta take our new media in to higher levels where each n evryone here can put on his or her blog daily news.

We r all human biengs, everyone has feelings abt what they encounter everyday.. u ve a right to put down and we can comment on it, either negatively or positively, depending on anyone's view. We gotta accept this fact n no WAR OF WORDS. Everyone opinion is wel kam.

Otherwise, men n women of this New World have a nice n glorious blogging. PROUDLY KENYAN

Peace, Love and Unity.


StackOfStiffys said...


noted and agreed, she was hot on Sanyu, that's where I first heard her and she's yet to reach that remarkable point here. But I bet you she will...

I'll live with that, after all am Kenyan. As for what StackOfStiffys means, I really can't tell you, just rack your mind kidogo, after all u are a critic kritik!

Shiroh said...

Pekiro, lets start here. Abbreviations are not accepted in blogsphere. Some of us just don't understand.

And thats just the way it is. As in told as it is

nick said...

hey sorry too lazy to log in as Couch Tato..but thanks i do like the name as well...was thinkin of changin it to Couch T

I do like ur humble tone..and we can all move past this

but Radio was only good with akina munene teddy and ngatia in nation originally
they had mad jokes and there taste of music was excellelent not the repeated crap thats there nowadays

Maina alone on nation was good...even when at capital

Capital however will always bea notch above the rest...back in them days they revolutionalised radio..with eg top 7 at 7 initially with bob kioko and muthoni bika staright from high school

The likes of Phil Mathew and Alex Befield were a class above par

but nowadays u cannot compare to then..even classic nowadays .. hate that tag team thing they do..carol and nyambane or maina and kingangi-it doesnt work.

if i was at kiss id put carol with an "ENGLISH BUTLER" someone who will be as bitchy to her as she is..someone intelligent and witty to match her...not an ass like NYAMBANE...damnif i had connectionid play the butler...but no one in radio think of these things. u just dont pair up people u have to create characters...oh well