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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Drunk driving, Kenyan MPs, and our laws....

The problem with having sex with a cow is that you have to have to jump down from your stool to run around the front to give it a kiss.

I came across this line the other day and I naturally laughed my head off. However, I pondered it and I guessed our MPs right here in Kenya could do just that!

Look at it this way, those guys earn sleazy amount to idle and beat the pig in the Chamber in National Assembly! National affairs are reduced to idle matters by our petulant legislators right here in Nairobi.

With all the problems the country is facing and the troublesome things happening around the world, Israel raping Lebanon as the US claps it hands in glee and refers to it as 'shit', George W Bush expressing his profanities and the German Chancellor, Ken Lay faking his own death and people still not accepting Jesus into their hearts, we are close to facing another bleaky future at the hands of the Kenya goverment.

I'm an easy going kind of guy and I care less about the majority of things, situations and people around me. The only thing I care about is my family, friends, making a few guys laugh occasionally and alcohol.

Yeah, that's right, I said it, alcohol.

People who drink to drown their sorrow should be told that sorrow knows how to swim - Ann Landers.

Which takes me to my point, drunk driving.

A horrible, deadly criminal action of which I am guilty as charged. You see, I am incredibly lucky, and have survived some amazing predicaments, not the least of which was circumcision in the deep of the Mau Forest on a rainy night, more than a couple vicious fights, and who knows how many incurable diseases. I have a job to be envied, a kind patient and loving woman, and a resilient mother.

What's my point? Instead of enacting laws to weed out social wimps like me and outlaw drink driving, our legislators fall asleep in parliament! We do not even have a road to take us to the Rift Valley in time nor in comfort anymore. But because these crazy numskull douches feel that they know what's best for the rest of us, they've decided to approve bills that will not only pretty much send shivers down everyones spines at the mention oth word 'sex' but also another to deny us our retirement savings until we are wheezing incoherently.

I'm sure Osama is in his cave, chasing a squirrel, thinking how well his money is being laundered at Charterhouse Bank because of all the naive people who run the GoK. I have put my alcohol in check but what about others? And the roads budget? And the perennial drought? But what do they do? The run around politicking and massaging their egos all day with nothing to show for it.

This is the greatest country in the world and I wouldn't want to live any other place but what these geezers are trying to do to us as an entire population, as Kenyans, as free thinking human beings, while crazy militia are in the Middle East and Somalia living in the sand without enough armor on their Uzi's is just Crazy Crap!

I ask you to log on and shame these guys away!


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Hahaha....You're a funny Man! I love the Cow...I will definately stay tuned.


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Most welcome Jazz, wacha I'll update the blog!

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Insanely crazy...